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This website is primarily intended through which those interested in the early
history of New England -- particularly the Cape Code area of Massachusetts
and its first town, Sandwich -- and the role Thomas Tupper and his descendants
played in that history, may exchange information.

Thomas Tupper and his wife, born Anne Hodgson, were one of the 10 founding families
of Sandwich. They and the others received their allotments of land on
the Cape from the Plymouth Colony in 1637.

From their humble beginnings in a raw and foreign country that was to test
the limits of their courage and faith, the Tuppers and other Sandwich
founders began family lines that would eventually spread to all parts
of the United States and Canada.

As English Puritans, Thomas and Anne sacrificed nearly everything in coming to the
New World, leaving behind their homes and all that was familiar and comfortable
for the sake of being able to freely practice their religion. Strong in
body and spirit, they not only survived in the new land, but prospered.
Their descendants have rarely failed to show those same strengths through
the years in helping to defend their country against armies and ideologies
that would destroy it.

The Tupper Family Association is a nonprofit, charitable organization with the following

1) To maintain a public memorial park, known as the Tupper Family Memorial Public
Park, on Tupper Road in Sandwich, Mass. The park is on the original property
granted to Thomas and Anne Tupper by the Plymouth Colony and
was the site of their home, which stood for almost 300 years until destroyed
by fire on April 9, 1921.

2) To preserve and fund a scholoarship for a deserving student. Known as the
Tupper Family Scholarship Fund, the grant is currently in the custody
of Endicott College in Massachusetts.

3) To update and perpetuate the historical and genealogical records related
to Thomas and Anne Tupper.

4) To provide information for those interested in the early New England era
and in the lives of the pioneering families that settled New England and eastern
Canada and whose expansion contributed to the development of our two great nations.

5) To publish a newsletter to keep all cousins and associates informed of the
activities of the association and to raise funds to cover the cost of
the newsletter and to keep the Tupper Family Association a viable and
legal public charity.

This website is not to be used to promote or advertise the agenda of any
individual or group.

This website will be monitored on a daily basis by a Tupper Family Assoc. VOLUNTEER to answer any questions that a viewer may wish to present..    E-Mail: tfacontact@yahoo.com

Feel free to browse all 5 pages of our website using the buttons in the upper lefthand side of this webpage. In addition, please come back and visit our site at your convenience as we plan to do occasional updates and additions to further the objectives of the Tupper Family Association.

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