(Incorporated in Massachusetts in 1926)

The above picture shows the Tupper Farm at Bignor (near Bury) in West Sussex County in Southern England at the foothills of the South Downs.  It is a very beautiful and fertile land.  This was the farm where Thomas Tupper grew up and decided in his early years to come to America.  Through this farm ran an old Roman Road that went from Chichester on the south coast of England and continued on to London.  It was used by the Romans during their dominance of England in the first millennium A.D.  It was on this farm that a Tupper cousin located the ruins of an old Roman Villa with Roman baths that is now a museum for the public to visit. The farm and museum is still operated by the Tuppers. 

Above top left: Captain Henry Tupper and his wife Molly who were still operating the Tupper farm at Bignor in 1969.  With them (to the right ) is Ruth Tupper Washburn of the T. F. A.   Above top right: Captain Henry Tupper with wife Molly along with Dorothy Tupper Wriborg of the T. F. A. at Bignor in 1979.  Above bottom center: Captain Henry's son, Jack Tupper, with his wife Jill who were still operating the Tupper Farm and Museum at Bignor in 1995.

Photo at left shows replicas of the Pilgrim houses at the exhibit at Plymouth, Mass.  Photo at right shows the replica of the Mayflower docked at historic Plymouth harbor.  It is believed that Thomas Tupper, Sr. came over on the ship Abigail in 1631.

Some of the descendants of Thomas Tupper and his wife Anne married descendants of those who came over on the Mayflower in 1620.  Records show that it took the Mayflower 65 days to cross the Atlantic with 102 passengers and supplies.  During the first year 50 of those died.  However, it is estimated that 35 million people in America today can claim to be direct descendants of the first Mayflower passengers.

The very majestic and massive Arundel Castle is just a few miles from the Tupper Farm and Museum.