(Incorporated in Massachusetts in 1926)

This Plaque of the Ten Men from Saugus, who were the Founders of Sandwich, is on the wall of the Selectman's office in City Hall, Town of Sandwich, Massachusetts.  The ten families from Saugus, Mass. (near Lynn, Mass.) just north of Boston were allotted property on Cape Cod (near The Plymouth Plantation) at Sandwich, Mass. in 1637.

TheTupper Coat of Arms shown here is the basic Arms before any branches of the family made any changes or additions.  The banner at the bottom has had some questions about its translation with regard to HOPE or FAITH.  Because the use of Coats of Arms became very popular during the Crusades (around the 12th century AD) it is most likely that the "authors" meant FAITH as stated by the office of Heraldry in London, but neither is wrong.  An interesting reference might be made to Emily Dickinson's poem: "Hope is a fine invention - when Gentlemen can see - but FAITH is always prudent - in an emergency."

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The painting shown here is from a photograph taken about 1890 of the Thomas Tupper and his wife Anne's homestead on Tupper Road in Sandwich, Mass.  The house was built by them in 1637 and stood for almost three hundred years before it was destroyed by fire in 1921.

This photo of a print could very well be the appearance of the Tupper Homestead circa 1850.  Verbal descriptions given by a number of elder Tuppers many years ago told of buildings directly in the back of the house.  The oldest picture of the house in the TFA artifacts does confirm structures to the rear of the home.