(Incorporated in Massachusetts in 1926)

Shown above is a picture of the Tupper House after it was totally repaired and refurbished in 1920 just a year prior to it being burned on August 9, 1921.

A picture of the Benjamin Nye Homestead, built in 1685 and owned by the Nye Family of America Association  Inc. (Click on picture to visit their website).  It still stands in East Sandwich, Mass. and is open for viewing.  The style is very similar to the Tupper House.

These pictures show Thomas and Anne's homestead property as it is today, enclosed by a Cape Cod-style split rail fence.  In 1939 the Tupper Family Association placed a large memorial boulder with a bronze plaque on the place where the old Tupper house once stood.  Their original homestead property is still owned and preserved by the Tupper Family Assocation and is known as the Tupper Family Memorial Public Park.

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