(Incorporated in Massachusetts in 1926)

Pictured at the bottom is a set of very attractive hard-cover Tupper Family Geneology books which were professionally printed with eleven hundred pages in each.  They cover the time from 1631 when Thomas Tupper came to America to 1995.  Also included in the books are one hundred and thirty photos and a three hundred page index.  The books come in a sleeve cover and cost a total of $125.00 (U. S. funds) delivered.  Please pay for Canadian orders by Postal Money Order in U. S. funds.  Check of PMO needs to be made payable to Tupper Family Association.

We welcome and are grateful for all contributions that go to the preservation of the homestead property of one of the ten founding families of Sandwich, Mass. and the historic significance that this location means to the history of the area.  Funds are also used to help preserve memorabilia and the status of the Tupper Family Association of America, Inc. as a charitable entity.  Contributions are tax deductible under section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS code under federal ID number 04-6059280.  If you wish to join the association (it is not necessary to be a Tupper), annual dues are payable at the beginning of the year and you will be entitled to receive the newsletter and any other pertinent information that relates to the Association and its charitable and historical activities.

Please:  Your dues and donations are the mainstay of YOUR Association.  Mail your check today!

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          Tupper Family Association of America, Inc.

          6712 Maxalea Road, Baltimore, MD 21239

(Canadian members, please pay by Postal Money Order in U. S. funds)


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TUPPER FAMILY GENEALOGY, 1631 TO 1995 set of 2 hardcover books, very attractive and professionally printed.  SEND YOUR CHECK for $125.00, U.S. funds, per set with sleeve cover to Tupper Family Association, Inc. (includes shipping and handling).  Canadian members, please pay by Postal Money Order in U.S. funds.

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Tupper Family Geneaology Books

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